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March 18, 2008 at 3:24 am Leave a comment

My tiny little world here on Highland Avenue is getting bigger by the day.  A bajillion people know Sean, the Press staff just met Dean tonight as he crashed production day in a drunken haze, and Chris just had a comic written about him in the latest issue of the Press.

 What’s going on here?  How have all of you infiltrated my perfect little bubble?  My boys are growing up and moving away.

Chris (while watching The Bachelor down the hall): “Only two roses left, BITCHES!”

Dean (on the phone tonight, calling to apologize): “ManI’mreallysorryIdidthatI’msosorry. IwasjustbummedabouthisinterviewImeanwhoDOESthatyouknow?I’lltalktoyouwhenIgethomeIloveyou.”

 Sean (coming into my room just now): “You’re blogging?  What are you, and emo kid? Do you write about society and all the dark things they do to you? Are you really writing down what I say? You’re a douche.”

Yes, Sean .  I may just  be.  But at least I’m not THIS guy…


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Uhhh…kay Miranda July makes a button, my heart melt

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