You’re a mean old daddy, but you’re outta sight

April 16, 2008 at 10:18 pm 4 comments

I’m listening to a Joni Mitchell mix cd that Cait gave me (it’s pretty excellent – I’m creating imaginary film scenes in my head to go with the songs, which I usually do when I’m really enjoying a new song), and I’m trying to organize in my head why Joni Mitchell is to women what Bob Dylan is to guys. Why is that? There’s probably a flow chart around here somewhere that has the answer. Is it:

  1. Her waif-ish voice?
  2. Her themes?  She’s pretty, um, ephemeral in terms of what she sings about (love, childhood, small moments).  Do women like that kind of thing?  And we think they’re just hard to please…
  3. Is it that she’s an independant singer/songwriter?  That might be it.
  4. Is it that all the members of Led Zeppelin, and pretty much every other dude who wrote music in the 70s, were in love with her?
  5. Does this really need a list?

I don’t know.  She’s pretty excellent, though.  And Cait made me excellent liner notes to accompany the songs!

I feel like I should go on and on and on about why I like Bob Dylan here, because he’s probably going on after I finish the JM cd, but I won’t.  I’ll save that for another post.  Maybe tomorrow (**WITH my top Dylan tracks**)

Anyway, my friend Erin of the incomparable The Blotted Line was talking about the physical and metaphorical defacement of books.  I like defacing books when it feel right, personally.  Books need battle scars like anything else.  What’s the point of owning a book if you aren’t going to throw it around a little, leave your mark on it?  I don’t have an intense love affair with books, like I know a lot of people do, but they’re pretty sweet when they’re either A) brand new or B) really old and used up.

On that note, I think my most satisfying experience ever with a book was this semester.  I had purchased a course book for my Lit Theory class, The Weather by Lisa Robertson, which is full of this awful, dense poetry that I simply did not have the patience for.  I found, a few weeks after I had bought it, that I had actually ALREADY bought a copy of it for $16 bucks at the beginning of the year, but had forgotten about it when I couldn’t find it.

Friends, I was pissed.  Boy, was I EVER pissed that I had spent $16 twice on this awful, boring, incomprehensible, self-righteous, tedious collection of garbage.  So, in that spirit, I took my untouched, still-with-the-receipt copy of The Weather and threw it right in the fucking trash.  God, did that feel good.  Seriously, need something to relieve school stress?  Toss one of your textbooks in the garbage.  You may as well, because will you ever again use that $120 copy of Simulation and Simulacra again? (Erin, don’t answer that).

No, you won’t.  I’d rather not even return it to the Brock bookstore and to get my measely $25 dollars for it, just so they can resell it at, oh, $110 dollars to some other poor sap.  Fuck it – I have respect for people who truly enjoy that stuff, and they should have a chance to read that book, but sometimes I’m going to take something that I PAID GOOD MONEY FOR and do what I damn well please with it.  Heave ho into the dumpster, motherfucker.

Joni loves California.  Can't blame her, really.


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  • 1. daughterofben  |  April 17, 2008 at 4:18 am

    Steve, old chum, if you are spending $120 on Simulacra and Simulation it’d better be a first edition, signed by Baudrillard himself. It should also come with, I don’t know, a lock of JB’s hair, kind of like a relic (though I guess it wouldn’t be a real relic…)

    Terrible, awful, nerdy joke. I blame it on my Stockholm Syndrome: he somehow made his way into my 4P99 paper, which means I probably shouldn’t have written on him for 4P71 – that’s excessive helpings of JB.

    1. I didn’t know how cluttered you want your “comments” section to be, so I left my far-too-lengthy (that really describes all my writing) response back in my own comments. I don’t mind if it starts to look like an antique shop over there. []

    2. Sadly, I only know two things about Joni Mitchell. The first being Sarah MacLachlin’s cover of “Blue” and the second being Liam Neeson’s reference to her in Love Actually. Oh wait, S.M. also covered “River.” I know three things about Joni Mitchell. So no real comment there.

    3. And hey, I like your blog too!

  • 2. daughterofben  |  April 17, 2008 at 4:19 am

    Damn the automatic emoticons!

  • 3. kat  |  April 17, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    You should recycle Steven.

  • 4. katie  |  April 19, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    I am with you on battle scarred books. There are certain books that I just don’t want a fresh, first-hand copy of. ….”On the Road”, anyone? That thing is meant to be torn up to shit and well loved before you ever get your hands on it.

    You should see my copy of Life of Pi… everything is circled, dog-eared, and full of exclamation points.


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