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April 19, 2008 at 12:07 am Leave a comment

April 22nd.  That’s the day I’m waiting for now, the day of the Pennsylvania democratic primary and a better understanding of who the winner will be in the Obama-Clinton deathlock that has bored us all to tears lately.

I’m sick of all the American politics updates that aren’t saying anything.  A little mud is finally starting to stick to Obama (the Rev. Wright fiasco went nowhere, and rightly so I suppose) with these “bitter, small town American” comments.  He’s been making some other, far more off-color comments recently, but they get buried.

Whatever.  Were I to completely lose my mind and vote democrat, he’d probably be my pick.  Hillary thinks she’d have an easier time against McCain, and I think she’s wrong.  It’s always been about personality politics, and the Clinton aura seems to have finally run out of steam.

Check out this article, which summarizes the tough, up-hill slog that Hillary needs to only PULL EVEN with Obama.  It’ll warm your heart.

I wonder what his eyeballs taste like...


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