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April 21, 2008 at 2:24 pm 1 comment

I figured that if I was going to get myself into the blogging mood for the summer, then I’d better start now.  If I lapse during the summer, it’ll be harder and harder to keep track of other people’s blogs come August and September when I leave.  And I’m COUNTING on the internet to help keep me in touch with everyone.

But Jesus, the summer is so boring.  My summers always are – as much as being Brock can be a royal pain, the summers in Aurora are agonizingly slow.  There’s a mere handful of people that I really feel like hanging out with, and maybe two decent places to drink.  I’ve been spoiled by St. Paul’s street, I know.  Bitch bitch bitch.

I was talking to Brian on the way home in the truck yesterday, and here’s the way my summer is stacking up: 

  • I wake to go to work most morning around five, and try not to drive my car off the road as I drive to the golf course. 
  • The job itself won’t be that bad; it’s a Joe job that has me mowing greens or cutting pin holes or cleaning tee decks.  Best of all, not a customer in sight to deal with.  I’ve done customer service every year for the past 6 years or 7 years of being employed, and I’m through with it for now.  Head down, work done.
  • I call it a day at 2:00 or 2:30 every afternoon, which is awesome because I still have half my day.  And anybody who’s ever done shift work knows that the morning shifts always go by fastest because the sun rises quicker than it sets.
  • In that time, I get to read, blog, visit Caitlin when I can get a vehicle, drink beer, hang out with people, try going to the gym, fool around with my (hopeful) new camera, or practice making new food dishes with the many unopened cookbooks lying around the house.  In other words, be kinda productive.  If I spend every afternoon napping when I get home I’m going to kill myself.
  • I only work 1 weekend on/2 weekends off.  Meaning, that time will be spent at the cottage, Cait’s, or walking around the house in my underwear.

I know, I know.  All that sounds pretty kickass, and it IS.  But it doesn’t change the fact of Aurora’s excruciating doldrums.  This place is where old people and accountants come to die, I swear to God.  And I need to save money, because I’m looking at a $20,000 school year in August, so no huge spending nights.

Whatever.  I’m leaving for HALIFAX, so I don’t think too many bitter tears are in order.

So, my commitments to myself for the summer:

  1. Buy one new CD every week, at least.
  2. Get better at one thing.
  3. Go to the fucking gym.  I know I’m a skinny guy but that doesn’t mean I’m in shape.
  4. Read at least one book before the summer is out.  I think I’m still a little burnt out from the English major-ing.
  5. Visit St. Catharines to hang with the people I miss, and go golfing with Ballsey (because if I don’t he’ll kill me)
  6. Iron Man
  7. Batman
  8. Pineapple Express
  9. Wall-E
  10. And that’s it.  Fin.

**Tonight is a simple French Onion soup for dinner.  I’m getting my iPod and walking to the IGA soon to buy a kilo of onions.  Go summertime. me.


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Old Ironsides So far this summer…

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  • 1. G  |  April 22, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    You know we need to have a discussion about music my friend. Up until about last year I was very adamant about purchasing music. I even downloaded legally from iTunes for a good two years, but my need for music and the cost involved just became too much. I switched over to bit-Torrents.

    I don’t feel bad about it. For artists I truly love and want to support I legally pay for their music. Radiohead released an entirely free album available online for download and I voluntarily paid $5 for it as I thought it was appropriate for an online download in which I still have to use my own cds which I’ve paid for and a lack of cover art materials.

    iTunes is nice but they’re expensive too. I mean a customer rarely gets digital cover art and one still has to pay for their own cd if they wish to burn it into that format.

    I know it’s a sick cycle. The reason music is expensive is a result of people stealing and the need for companies to raise prices to compensate which further causes people to steal more music. And now it’s increasing the cost of concert tickets because this is one area where the band can make up some of its net-loss. WOW bad pun.

    Your thoughts? Feel free to post an entirely separate blog post, so that we can discuss the merits of this. Cheers.


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