May 4, 2008 at 12:31 am 3 comments

This is approximately what I look like without my beard. 

Things happening in my house right now:

  1. Lauren is listening to “Blue Jean Genie” and getting dressed for her birthday bar night, during which I’m playing designated driver because I haven’t yet received my first summer paycheque.
  2. Mom and Dad are downstairs watching the Food Network and going over tax things.
  3. I’m lying on my bed, listening to “Maps” via YouTube (the video that overplays the song with footage from Garden State). 

That video is actually making me emotional.  What the hell is the matter with me?  I’ve been getting maudlin and unstable at the drop of a hat ever since I came home.  I get easily irritated with my family too.  I’m having a love-affair with Maps too, which probably isn’t helping.  I’ll be tarred and feathered for admitting it, but I really never paid attention to that song before hearing it once or twice while playing Rock Band.  Now I listen to it a few times a week.

It probably doesn’t help that Cait just left, after visiting Aurora and spending the night.  That makes me sad too.  I’d like to add, as a side note, that we have some nice pictures of the two of us now.  Not naked pictures, if that’s what you thought.  Just, nice couple-ey pictures.  I’m a terribly romantic person, but I’m not great at being romantic in that subtle, classy way.

We saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night too.  I wasn’t expecting much, but go see it.  It’s hilarious.  The opening break-up sequence is worth the price of admission.

Man, I have flippin’ NOTHING to talk about.  I’m sorry.  This is a poor excuse for a blog entry, especially compiled with the fact that…

** I just took a break and read a Victoria’s Secret catalogue while on the toilet.  One of the pairs of underwear had written “Wish You Were Here” across the ass.  Really?  That’s a tad on the nose, don’t you think? **

…I haven’t written anything here in a long time.  I’ve started a new job – I guess that’s kind of interesting.  The shifts feel long, I’m not making a TON of friends but there are some good people that work there, and the work is physical so I can feel like I’m getting in shape while getting paid for it.  I get to wear a hard hat, steel toe boots, and drive a utility flatbed with a stick shift.  Hot stuff coming through!

For Marc (and anybody else who’s interested of course, Mike?): August 3rd, the Black Keys play the Phoenix.  I’ve never seen ’em live, you feel like going?

For Katie: Thanks for the offer of the book!  I’m not sure when I’ll be back to St. Catharine’s.  You referred to it as “home” for me, and that makes me infinitely sad and longing to see all of you again.  Aurora doesn’t hold a candle.  But it looks as though I’ll be (fingers crossed) snagging that camera sometime soon.

I’m listening to Michael and Janet Jackson duet on “Scream”.  Anybody remember that song?  God, what a sweet tune.  I mean that honestly.  I’m a Michael Jackson fan.  Yeah yeah, he’s a basket case in real life, I know.  But he’s a hell of a performer.

Wait, now it’s Michael Jackson singing “The Way You Make Me Feel”.  Fucking A.  Can anybody tell what he’s saying in this song?  See what I mean about mood shifts?

Oh, and I shaved my beard off yesterday.  It’s back to looking like I’m twelve.  I’m thinking of shaving my head too.


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Blogging the Summer, #1 How Iron Man Let Me Down

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  • 1. katie  |  May 4, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    So you shaved off your beard on the exact day Joe declared he was growing his back. I’m glad someone is picking up where you left off.

  • 2. Marc  |  May 4, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Alas my dear friend steve, August 3rd is in the midst of Lollapalooza weekend which i will be heading off to chicago for, so I can’t see the Black Keys with you. And it makes me kinda sad.

    Oh and Be a man and grow the beard back, you wishy washy motherfuckers are the worst, commit to the facial hair. Pick a side, we’re at war.

  • 3. Kat  |  May 5, 2008 at 2:30 am

    Thank you for getting “The Way You Make Me Feel” stuck in my head, probably for two weeks.

    However, it has gotten rid of “The Banana Boat” song by Mr. Belafonte, so a sincere thank you for that.


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