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May 26, 2008 at 1:49 am Leave a comment

Cait took me to the drive-in last night.  Are drive-in theatres not the best invention ever?  Let us make a tally of their advantages:

  1. You can drive up to a screen in your car.
  2. You listen to the sound through your own personal stereo system.  If you’re the kind of person who has fitted out their vehicle with a sweet deck, this is a major advantage.
  3. Blankets, pillows, reclining seats and air conditioning.
  4. You don’t have to smuggle in food.  Copious Bulk Barn trips must be made in order to properly enjoy the drive in.  Our snacks included Honey Garlic Miss Vickie’s chips, gummy bears (regular and sour) and chocolate covered peanuts.
  5. Drugs, if that’s your bag.
  6. Sweet Mighty Mouse cartoons during the intermissions.

I wish I’d had a camera with me, also.  It was one of those really scenic views: the sun was setting, people were lining up their cars waiting for the movie to start, the projector attendant spoke to us over the radio to let us know “FIVE MORE MINUTES, JUST ONCE THE SUN SETS”, and kids were playing on the spiral slide nearby.  Goooooo Kodak Moment.  (I really hope my folks got the oh-so-subtle hints about the camera that I covet as a grad gift.  Graduation is really soon too…shit.)

We saw Iron Man (again) and the first 30 minutes or so of Indiana Jones.  The movies weren’t really worth the price of admission, but we conducted an important scientific experiment to see how much condensation could collect on the windows.  Quite a bit, we found.  And it took a good two minutes of air conditioning to get rid of it all.

This is just a lazy Sunday evening post.  I have work again in the morning, and mid-week we’ll be bumping our work start time up to 5:30 a.m.  So I need all the Z’s I can muster these days.  I hope that all of you had as pleasant a weekend as I did (because mine was super awesome and probably way better than yours – I was just being nice there).

Also, since there is really only one person who reads this whom I see on a regular basis, I want to let all of you know that I miss you and your 31 delicious flavors of witty banter.  I’m doing my best to keep up with your blogging, but the cold, hard glare of the computer screen is hardly enough to keep me warm at night.  All it does is burn my retinas, really – and fuel the occasional anxiety attack about what the radiation from my laptop is doing to my testicles.  Like, seriously, this can’t be good for me.  Don’t these things pump out radiation?  My kids are going to grow up without opposable thumbs.


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Fuck Yoga Ba Da Da Dum Bup, My Dear Dear Friend

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