They’d probably abuse the health-care system too

June 8, 2008 at 7:23 pm 1 comment

Ok, so I’ve kind of balked on the idea of posting a huge tome in defence of conservativism as a reponse to Marc’s vitriolic blog post about the evils of Conservatives and their ilk.  I’ve chosen instead to study my facts and figures, and engage with my good friend Marc when I see him on Friday (you’re still coming right?).  Mano-a-mano, so to speak.  I still love you big guy.

BUT, but, I must post this as a small jab towards Marc’s assertion that Justin Trudeau will be Canada’s humble saviour in the coming years.  To wit, from Marc’s post:

The Trudeau kid (whom I guarantee will usher us into a new age) is too young to be a serious contender. – Excerpted from post entitled “World Wide Suicide”

This guy is who you’re banking Canada’s political future on?  I hope the taxpayer’s of tomorrow have deep enough pockets to support what I’m sure will be a burgeoning Canadian space program.

Honestly, the Canadian infatuation with the Trudeau family is second only to the inexplicable American fetishism that surrounds the dysfunctional Kennedy clan.  Young, ambitious, and naive seem to be the qualities that everyone wants in a political leader these days.  Give me the middle-aged, give me the cardboard personalities.  I trust the guy who isn’t out to make grand speeches; he keeps his head down and sticks to policy.  It’s boring and it’s dull, and yeah it’s a little uninspiring, but that’s politics man.  Governing should not be done by aspirations of inspiration; we should not be inspired by our politicians.  They should be inspired by us, the hard work that WE do every day to keep the country running, and THAT should be setting the agenda.  Let’s not forget who works for who here.


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Ugh Well, I guess it’s better than playing the lottery…

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  • 1. Marc  |  June 9, 2008 at 1:24 am

    I realize now that I should have quantified that sentence because of course my writer friends will pick part my semantics to death.

    I was more trying to allude that his name value to the liberals will eventually help in decimating the tory foothold in the country we seem to be experiencing right now. His policies, (which I grant I don’t know anywhere near enough about) didn’t really factor into that wording at all and should have. I do disagree that aspiring to inspire is a bad thing, because as your ilk are well aware, the semblance of empowerment is almost as good as empowerment itself.

    I will be there on friday, and we’ll totally have it out. Then we’ll cuddle and hate fuck or something.


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