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June 18, 2008 at 7:26 pm 1 comment

Yeah, I hate Rolling Stone too, big guy

Ok, time to stop wallowing (hey, Firefox spellchecks everything for me? Cool!) in morbid thoughts surrounding the passing of fine television personalities. It’s time to get back to brass tacks, and that means talking about The Incredible Hulk movie that I just saw last night.

Marc got pissed at me for daring to cast aspersion upon Iron Man, which I saw, and was subsequently underwhelmed by. I’m not sure if Marc has had the chance to see TIH yet, but goddamn son, this one DELIVERED.

I know, I was as surprised by my pleasure at Hulk as I was by my disappointment in Iron Man.  Since the two are both brainchildren of Marvel, and were released with major stars right around the same time, I figured I’d do a loose comparison of the two films (heck, I’d do a loose anything).  I’ll try to keep from writing another weighty tome as far as a review goes, so here comes a bulleted list!

  • I think I mentioned that Iron Man‘s biggest downfall, to me at least, was the lack of any significant character development on the part of Tony Stark. One minute he’s a suave, charming, playboy millionaire war-profiteer, the next he’s a suave, charming, playboy millionaire superhero, out to right wrongs. I understand that that may be, historically, all there is to the character. And yeah, RD Jr. was hilarious and captivating and all that. But it left me feeling cold. Without an emotionally involved hero, I guess I found it harder to believe anything really big was at stake. And, dare I say it, part of the fun of having an alter-ego is that the egos are actually the obverse of each other. Not so with Hulk, on the other hand…
  • When Bruce Banner (Ed Norton, and you know, it kinda works) is Bruce Banner, he’s mild mannered, sensitive, and mostly calm. When he’s the Hulk, he’s a big pissed off ball of testicle-tingling fury that can heave forklifts around like they’re made of Styrofoam. Advantage: Banner. The shift from hero to Hulk is deeply satisfying when it happens – that delayed pleasure that comes from waiting, just waiting, for the right thing to come along and whip Banner up in a righteous fury so he can lay a bitchslap on the bad guy. It’s not unlike achieving orgasm.
  • That’s right, I said it.
  • The visual effects were visually effective, moreso than the so-called Iron suit of Iron Man, which flips and folds and morphs and shape-shifts so much it looks like a kaleidoscope. I saw so many pieces fitting together in that suit, I expected it to fall apart in a stiff breeze, not reach the upper layers of the stratosphere. Banner’s transformation into the Hulk was, incredibly, almost believable. It was only really revealed in one near-climactic scene, and yeah, the gloss of CGI was still there, but overall it held my rapt attention and didn’t send me into “oh come on” mode.
  • Plus, they actually had some stunningly beautiful scene of the Hulk in full-fight mode, none of this paintywaiste only-gonna-show-the-Hulk-in-quick-close-ups-and-spastic-cuts-sequences mentality. We get Hulk full frame, and STAYING in full from for quite some time, as he battles. The CGI is made believable, according to my good friend Sean Paul, by the lighting of each scene (they’re all either overcast, dimly lit, or at night. The textured shadows help to reduce the artificial smoothness of Hulk’s form and movements).
  • The battles are super sweet. They got right what Iron Man and Transformers both got right as well: grace without complete weightlessness. When the Hulk rampages, even if he’s only computer generated, you can feel the ground shake and his muscles tighten in the same way Iron Man’s flight is haphazard, risky, and powerful. It feels real, and human. The punches look like they hurt a lot.
  • There was a good deal of humour, in both films really. I won’t go into the specifics, but you’ll be smiling as often as watching with your mouth agape.

Overall, a fine ten dollars spent. The ending is a clear set-up for the eventual Avengers movie, and though I know less than nothing about that particular series, it promises to be a good’un, lest they miscast Captain America with this douchebag. My money is on a sweet Matt Damon. That guy is Captain America right down to the ground. If they pick some no-name like Brandon Routh or whatever his name was, they’re making a mistake of *snicker* heroic proportions.

God, I KILL me.


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I can’t even look at it Man, reality bites

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  • 1. » Blog Archive » Ultramega OK  |  June 23, 2008 at 5:38 am

    […] Steve offered this thoughts last week which as I’m glancing through them now I mostly agree with though, 1) I still think he’s insane to hack Iron Man, though I will admit the difference between my seeing one of these movies (and catching all kinds of neat little comic references and getting a raging nerd-boner from the mere mention of Nick Fury or SHIELD) and his is just that. He and I come from different spaces for these movies. I would believe (and he can correct me if I’m wrong) he’s looking for 2 hours of action escapism. I on the other hand am looking for that plus a fairly hefty dose of fan service. […]


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