Ten Minutes

August 1, 2008 at 11:44 pm 1 comment

Let’s see what I can blog about in the ten free minutes I have between 7:20 pm and 7:30 pm (at which time my cousin Brian is coming to collect me, and we are going cufflink shopping.  We are fancy boys).

  1. The past two days I’ve come home from work to exactly ZERO emails in my inbox.  It’s the worst feeling in the entire world, besides drowning or having your parents killed right in front of you.  Maybe it’s what I get for rarely sending out emails of my own.  But often enough the emails that I send out are not usually returned anyway, so you know what, to hell with all of them…I guess.
  2. I leave for Nova Scotia in less than two weeks.  I’m not sure how I should be occupying my time until then, but realistically, every single one of my nights between now and then (then being August the 13th at 9:00 am) is booked up with either packing, organzing, and seeing nearby friends and family.  So I hate to say it, dear friend of mine in the blogosphere, but I likely won’t be seeing many of you before I leave.  Not to fear though; I’ll be back in Ontario for Thanksgiving, and then (hopefully) for an internship in November.
  3. It’s fucking August already.  But that’s actually okay, because I’m waiting for autumn so badly.  Every year, right around this time of season, I start to loathe summer weather with every fibre of my being.  There are no cool days, and no cool nights.  Everything is hot and sticky, and there is never a pool or beach with which to find reprieve.  Instead there is only day upon day of working outside in the heat, sweating like gangbusters (I likely sweat more frequently, and discharge greater volumes of sweat, than anyone you know.  Ask Caitlin, she’ll tell you.  If that’s something you’re interested in hearing.  I’ll bet you are, you dirty minx, you).  I want the smell of burning leaves, and I want upcoming holidays that often feature heavily-laden tables, and I want to walk outside in a hoody and jeans and be exactly comfortable, maybe even a little chilly.  I like the smell and the feeling of the heater in the car firing up, and flipping around to find the Christmas music station on December 1st.  I like wearing coats and jackets, and lying in bed with someone and trying to manoeuver away from the cold outer wall.  I miss snow.  I love snow.
  4. I’ve gone over my time limit by three minutes.  Let’s keep talking!  Brian is not here yet (but Radiohead is.  Do people like Radiohead’s lyrics?  I don’t know what he’s saying).
  5. I’ve been trying to compile a list of songs whose lyrics I really, really enjoy.  Maybe I won’t take great meaning or life lessons from them (because I NEVER do, very little music connects with me that way), but there are songs where I just like a line, or the way a certain lyric is sung, or the overall narrative arc of the song.  There are even precious few songs like THAT, because more than anything I tend towards heavy-duty riffage and the actual music (hence the trouble I have convincing many of Ratatat’s unbridled genuis.)  Is there something wrong with me for not being able to listen to a song and cry, or feeling like it reflects something from my life?
  6. Although, there is one song that will frequently make me misty, and probably the only one that could make me out-and-out sob were I in the right mood.  Want to know what it is?
  7. Fine, I’ll tell you.

And that’s all there is.  I know he sounds nasal and everything, but damn if this isn’t that saddest, most brilliant melancholy-inducing song in the world.  You’re gonna make me wonder what I’m doing / Staying far behind without you.

I will not, will not listen to this while I am out of Ontario.  I can’t.  I’m going to make a list of hard, riffing rock songs to listen to on the plane.


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  • 1. Marc  |  August 2, 2008 at 12:43 am

    Way to update once a month.

    1. The only email I get are work emails. I also compulsively check facebook now, and I have no reason to do so because I’m the least popular person alive.

    2. Not even saying goodbye?

    3. No shit, school starts soon. Can’t wait for fall.

    4. Radiohead has lyrics?

    5. Yes there’s something wrong with you.

    6/7. Awesome song, personally “If you see her, say hello” kills me everytime. And then they used it in Californication making what may be my favorite Dylan song that much cooler, if it’s even possible.

    You need to blog more, gonna miss ya chief.


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