The Internet, Anonymity, and Not Having a Choice

September 14, 2008 at 1:02 am 1 comment

The Internet is my best friend out here.

It makes me nervous, though.  Marc got rid of his blog a little while ago, for the benefit of would-be employers who don’t like misanthropic employees (although, the joke is on them – it’s the COMIC BOOK industry, dude).

Part of me is wondering the same thing.  I need to be a little more cautious in how I manage myself out here on the Web.  I post under the username stevewoodhead for Christssakes, not knowing when I signed up for WordPress that it would be displayed prominently on the front page.  Shame on me for not having a little more Internet savvy.

It’s not a good thing, really.  Pretty soon, I’m going to be applying for internships.  I need those internships to work out.  I’d love to think that some enterprising intern recruitment officer might read my application, and in the process of researching me, stumble upon my little slice of world here at Upper Lip and find me so hilariously charming that I’m fast-tracked into the coolest internship spot they can find for me (please, let me be Kevin Frankish’s right-hand-man).

More likely is the chance that they’ll find my blog and discover me to be a degenerate writer, quite possibly mentally and socially unbalanced, and possessing a personality that would be better suited to the refreshment stand outside the newsroom.

So, within the next few days I’ll have to make a decision about what’s going to happen here.  At the very least, I have to figure out how to change my username or SOMETHING.  I’ve also considered buying my own Web address, although whether or not that’ll increase my anonymity remains unseen.

Yet, despite the unsettling feeling that somebody might start monitoring every minute of my life without discretion, I do still have an intense love affair with the Internet.  You hear me, Web?  You’re the best. (For those of you whose teeth are set on edge whenever someone uses “Internet” and “Web” interchangeably, well, I’m sorry.  I know there’s a difference.  But I crave variety on my blog, maybe not always the best words in their best place.  That’s radio.)

The Web comforts me through thick and thin.  It puts me in touch with people I love, but cannot actually touch (fuckfuckfuck).  It lets my friends know that I’m still thinking about them – I am, and often.  It finds track names for me whenever I upload an album, and saves me the strain of typing them out myself.  It once let me watch The West Wing without buying the seasons.  It keeps me up to date with the Canadian election and informed me of Stephen Harper’s technical dexterity with a piano.  It does all kinds of nifty things.

And really, more than anything, it just fills up my day.  I’ve got lots of think about between classes, during classes, and after classes; the Internet is my little oasis.  I can find something to lift my spirits when I’m feeling, well, dispirited (read: now), and you know, it even gives me this little outlet (woah. Meta).

The Good Things of Late:

  • On Friday, I went live on the radio.  It wasn’t more than a 10 minute newscast, during which we (myself and my friend Angele) re-wrote news stories for radio broadcast and informed the Halifax Regional Municipality about what’s happening in the world.  Alternatively – we’re not the Globe and Mail, so we’re trying to look elsewhere for stories.  But I was live, I read my own work, I could have messed up huge but I didn’t, and it felt professional.  ** To clarify one point, it was not in a professional studio downtown, but in the college radio center, which, if you didn’t know better, is pretty much exactly the same.  I wouldn’t hesitate to say that a lot of our equipment is probably newer and nicer than whatever other studios boast of.
  • I’m beginning to feel a little more confident in my abilities.  Took long enough to show up.
  • I’m exercising more.  Maybe I should do that tonight, actually…
  • The air is getting cooler.  Last night smelled of fall, which was the very best.
  • I booked my airline ticket home for Thanksgiving.
  • I’m getting a little better with my camera, and thanks to the Health Plan Opt-Out, I’m looking at getting a new lens.
  • Torie just told me she’s a-coming for a visit!
  • The people here are sweet and fun to party with.

Shitty Things of Late

  • I feel dopey and stupid today.
  • I miss a lot of people, and the fact that there are “only” four weeks left is not much consolation.
  • I’ve got a lot of silly crap on my mind that I need to shake, or else the next year is going to be a long one.
  • My body is sore.  From exercising.
  • My essay has not been started.  Lame.

Amongst all this, I find myself grappling with the choice of what workshops I should be taking.  I think Radio is probably a lock, and Online most definitely is as well.  Both are good skills that are transferable (Radio being more for fun than anything.  Imagine that.  It’s the hardest fucking workshop to do, I’ve been told.  This will be a mistake.)  I get the choice of three.  Here are my other options:

  1. Television
  2. Print
  3. Narrative Non-Fiction/Magazine
  4. And the “Advance” of either of the first two that I take

I don’t need suggestions or advice on what to do for those.  I’ll figure it out myself and whatever I pick will be a blast, I’m sure.

Although, if you guys have a suggestion for an Internship, I’m all ears.  Maybe there’s some tucked-away little magazine I’ve never heard of that caters to the young-and-hip crowd.


Just went outside of my little hole here to see what was happening.  I don’t know how to wrap this up, so I ain’t gonna try.  I’m feeling rambley.  I should really go do some work.  I’ll update with any thoughts that I forgot.


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  • 1. thebeliever07  |  September 16, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    I just thought you should know. I miss you quite a bit. Even though we didn’t hang out too much back when you were around, life was too busy, I do miss the random run ins at bars and events. Hope you are enjoying the life. I love the smell of “autumn”. Cheers.


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