Oh shut up already

January 9, 2009 at 3:21 pm Leave a comment

I’m getting tired of these stupid rumours.

Listen guys. You garnered a ton of respect for not carrying on with the group after Bonham died.  That was a tough move, but the right decision. Then J.P.J. was miffed that Page and Plant did their Walking Into Clarksdale album, and the UnLedded thing (rightfully so, I guess).

But then there was the O2 show that I wasn’t invited to, and word that Dee Snyder might be taking over for Plant in the event of a tour.  Tour this, new album that, with-or-without-Plant blah blah blah.

I love you and everything, but you’re getting old.  The Police and Roger Waters are already laughing stocks for not knowing when to quit.  Reunion tours often suck.  Either commit to doing a tour with all three of you and a kickass drummer (davegrohldavegrohldavegrohl) or just age gracefully.

(I grabbed the photo from anandamide.wordpress.com/, and as much as this situation irritates me, that poster gives me a huge erection.)


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Somebody deserves credit for this King’s College is not Dalhousie…exactly

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