Cold and Dark

January 16, 2009 at 3:00 pm 1 comment

I really like this photo (courtesy of of T.O.’s west end in an inky blackness following a poweroutage last night.

Clicking the photo will take you to Torontoist’s excellent coverage of the grid failure (sad trombone noise).  Photo was taken by Flickr user dzgnboy, who has a few other (sweet) photos from the blackout.


(From Posted Toronto, and the good people at

The Post’s blogging community, specifically their Posted Toronto blog, is following the blackout as well.  A choice tidbit from Peter Kuitenbrouwer:

Woke up this morning 6:30 a.m. and lit a candle. The house was icy. No power anywhere. The streets were black. The kids’ school, which is in the zone that’s without power, has closed for the day. Call the daycare. “The daycare is closed because of the blackout,” says a recorded voice.

“Well, I’m not staying here in this cold,” I decide. My daughter calls a friend. Turns out, she has power, on Crawford Street, which is between our house and the supposedly blacked-out school. So her father invites us over. On College Street, as we walk, we see dozens of people shivering by the streetcar stop. Windows are black in all the shops and cafés…

A well-dressed woman is on her cellphone at the streetcar stop….[she] gives up on the streetcar and joins hundreds of commuters walking through the cold, on the treacherous sidewalks covered with ice, towards Yonge Street.

We get to our friend’s house on Crawford, and he welcomes us with hot coffee and hot chocolate. A friend, who works at the TTC in Toronto but lives in Guelph, calls me on my cell phone. “You are welcome to come and sleep at our house tonight,” he says. “We have plenty of power!”

Now, I’m in Halifax, where my power is humming and my radiator has been pumping out heat so long that it feels like I’m in the Sahara (warm, but awfully dry too).  Yet, even for all that, I still wish I was in Ontario. Heck, I’d even take Toronto.  My affection for the city is limitless when I’m not there.


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  • 1. Katie  |  January 19, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    That picture is near my house! :) Sweet.


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