Not before bed, please.

January 27, 2009 at 11:57 pm 1 comment

Man, this fucking sucks.

This fucking sucks.

I’m all curled up in my comfy bed, watching a TED talk on my iTunes.  I just finished one on super cool inventions (sound that works similar to a lazer beam – move a foot to the right or left and all of the sudden, POOF, sound is gone) and I start another one.

This other one was by a dude named Peter Ward. Peter showed the crowd an exact agenda for when the world is going to end. He says that we’re in the approximately 1.5 billion year long Age of Animals. The only time in the course of Earth’s life that animals can thrive on the planet.  And we, right now, are about halfway through.

So, I get that we still have 575,000,000 years left.  But still, having someone tell you science has proved, beyond a doubt, when the world will end, is kinda shitty.  I consider myself a realist, but I always kind of hoped we would just go spinning on in our lazy orbit, and, you know, not be consumed by the sun. Its the kind of thing that ruins bedtime.

(The link is here if you want to be depressed too.)


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  • 1. Marc  |  January 29, 2009 at 2:03 am

    I think the mayans said it’s 2012, and I remember something about Stephen Hawking saying something like 2010 or 2020 or whatever. If you’re one of those live a long fruitful life types then I’ll take your 575 million years from now. Consider that by then, if we haven’t managed to wipe ourselves off the planet, we’ll probably be doing some kind of interstellar space travel, so I think mankind will be sullying the universe with it’s presence for a while yet. Unless the mayans get to us. And at least then i’ll have seen the end of lost and have seen Chris Nolans 3rd Batman movie, so all in all I think it’s been a good run.


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