hates my long-distance relationship

February 5, 2009 at 3:27 pm 1 comment

See, this is the kind of bullplop that Slate irritates me with every once in a while: a piece on the supposed 5 million couples in the U.S. (by their rough estimates) that are ruining the environment through all the travelling that keeps their long-distance relationships alive.

Well guess what?  According to Google Maps there are 1,883 km between me (6350 Coburg Rd, Halifax, Nova Scotia) and Cait (I won’t make her address public, St. Catharines, Ontario).  In less than ten days, we’ll be spending an entire week together in Halifax and a few more in St. Catharines which involves a few separate plane trips on both our parts.

Awesome ways Cait and I have ruined the environment and will continue to do so:

  • Copious amounts of electricity used for Skype, MSN, watching new seasons of Entourage and Weeds together, emails, phone calls every day that may or may not last over an hour.
  • Untold numbers of wasted hours sitting, with the lights on, sending text messages.
  • Two round-trips thus far for gluttonous, wasteful holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and more than a few hours spent on the road between Aurora and Brampton.
  • Depleting the world’s oceans of delicious lobster and fish (for fish and chips).
  • Depleting the world’s water supply by propping up the brewery tour industry (as evidence by our planned trip to the Keith’s Brewery) and making delicious cups of coffee in bed.
  • Upsetting the ecological balance of the Atlantic ocean by taking a whale-watching tour
  • A bunch of other exciting things (and lots of lying around)
  • Our multi-thousand kilometer road trip across the continent.

You know what else?  I couldn’t care less.  I wouldn’t give any of it up.  I can actually justify all of the above: by my conservative estimates, I’ve generated enough excitement for Cait’s visit to power a medium-sized African village.  Someone should hook me up to a generator.

I haven’t talked about my personal life in a while, so bear with me if this gets clunky and a little mushy.

This is my first time doing a long distance relationship (actually that’s a lie; I once dated a girl for about a month back in high school, and she dumped me because I wasn’t taking enough time away from my job at the driving range to see her where she lived in the next town over) and I’m never ever one to offer unsolicited relationship advice because I’m really in no position to do so.  But, if anybody should find themselves in this situation in the future, take it from me: it can be frustrating and can make you sad, but it doesn’t have to be out-and-out horrible and it doesn’t have to be a dead end.  If you’re BOTH committed to it, it can carry on much in the same way that a no-distance relationship can – just lacking in one or two obvious benefits.

...days left

I have never, ever appreciated being with someone more than I do when I come home for those gluttonous, environment-killing holidays to see Cait.  Those things I listed above, Skype/MSN/emails/text messages/phone calls, all seem like silly little things but they make all the difference in the world.  And get this: hearing about someone’s day won’t feel like a chore.  Talking on the phone before bed and discussing what we ate for our meals is, every time, the highlight of my day.  But I also know that I’m incredibly lucky to be with the person that I’m with, which helps

…days left

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  • 1. cait  |  February 6, 2009 at 12:19 am

    Today I ate the following: bacon (two strips), an egg (over easy) with toast (cut diagonal with butter), and it was made by ceyla, and therefore made with love and tasty yummy. Then I had a cookie in class. It was okay. Then I had FREE PIZZA. Five slices. Three cheese and two veggie. The veggie was alright, the cheese was def better. And a coke. Then half of a diet coke. (Darryl had THREE diet cokes. Plus one for the road). Then a bite of ceyla’s bagel, which made her insist in me making her a whole other bagel! I don’t really understand why cause it was just a bite, man! But I did it anyway, though I made my discontent in her multiple bagel eating known.
    Hmm… I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


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