25 things I’ve learned over the past two weeks

March 1, 2009 at 8:34 pm 2 comments

  1. Aisle 14 is the Cuddle Aisle, but it’s not really our fault.  Actually, SOME people are able to show remarkable self-restraint.
  2. Headbandz might be the best air travel game ever.
  3. Even if you post a Couples personals ad to Craiglist, lie about everything and end it with the Swedish word for “goodbye” (which is Farval), six couples from the same city will reply in less than 72 hours, wanting to get freaky.
  4. Alexander Keith himself does NOT actually show up at the end of the Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour. But it’s fun anyway (hear that, Heise?)
  5. A waiter at McKelvie’s resembles my cousin Pat, only taller.
  6. THUMPITY. Thump. Thump.
  7. THUMPITY. Thump. Thump.
  8. A full can of ginger ale will fill one of those plastic cups that Air Canada gives you exactly three times, if you have ice.
  9. If I ever own a restaurant, I’m going to rig the ventilation system so that the smell from your sizzling cheeseburgers is diverted to the spot directly over your table, so you can’t help but get hungrier and maybe sweat a little in anticipation.
  10. George H. Dean was 19 years old when he died on the Titanic, and very deeply mourned by his sorrowing parents.
  11. I’m not as bad at chess as I thought I was.
  12. Hide chocolate in your room, and I promise you will still be finding them weeks later.
  13. A new user uploaded a bunch of Good Eats to YouTube, which means there are TWO users providing the world with scads of undeniable Alton Brown-ey goodness.
  14. Emily! Rugburn!
  15. Yes, we are in the tunnel.
  16. People aren’t that willing to let you use their car when you tell them you’ll be adding 20,000+ km to it before you give it back.
  17. Keep lobster in the fridge for twenty minutes before cooking them alive, and it’ll make your act of murder a little easier to handle (but not so much for them).
  18. Movies about food are ridiculously hard to name.
  19. When in doubt, the answer might be “Chuck Berry”.
  20. It’s the same price from Stanfield International Airport to Halifax downtown whether you take a cab or a limosine.
  21. Take the limosine.
  22. Caitlin has a very specific idea about what her games pub will look like, so it’s best to just be supportive, instead of offering actual ideas.
  23. Things are good.
  24. But coming back to Halifax alone is a major bummer.
  25. DEBRIS?!?!

This is my version of the Facebook “25 Things” meme that, sadly, doesn’t allow me to tag anybody.  And they’re not so much about ME.  But I like it all the same.


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Oscar Night Hmm…

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  • 1. Dr Ryan Heise  |  March 2, 2009 at 3:42 am

    Good god.

    You mentioned Alton Brown. My hero.

    I can never hate you, ever, Steve Woodjerk. You and I: Good Eats, Feasting on Asphalt, Feasting on Waves, Iron Chef America turbo marathon.

    I’m not kidding. Alton is maybe the greatest TV personality ever.

  • 2. cait  |  March 2, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    go to 1:50!


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